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Sea Freight

International Ocean Freight is the company's strength, with intimate relationships with many lines, E-ERA LOGISTICS is always competitive advantage in the shipping cost to support customers, and always offers good location for your shipment.


INLAND TRANSPORT We can arrange your every inland transport need by plane, by ship, by truck to all over Vietnam.

Air Freight

We can provide a wide range of worldwide services to major international airports with maximum flexibility, from conventional to heavy, fragile, live and frozen cargoes....

Customs Clearance Service

Customs Clearance Service

EDICATED CS TEAM Our customer service team is experienced and well trained with overnight response policy to meet our partners’ needs..
AGGRESSIVE SALES FORCE Our sales team is well equipped with updated market rates and service conditions to offer the best solution to meet every demand of our customers.
COMPETITIVE RATES With our company’s lifting, we have big buyer’s power for more competitive contract rates.Experiences in the shipping industry also help us having good connection with key carriers in the market,...
MARKET INTELIGENCE We regularly update our customers with new market information, regulations from Carriers and Airlines, Customs Bureau and Port Authority to make the import and export documents more precisely.
News & events
SITC BÁO CÁO LỢI NHUẬN TĂNG 20% 29 August ,2017 SITC, hãng vận chuyển và logistics chuyên tuyến nội-Á đã báo cáo lãi trong nửa đầu của năm 2017 tăng 20% so với cùng kỳ năm trước, đạt 85,1 triệu đô la Mỹ....
CÁC THƯƠNG VỤ MUA BÁN/SÁP NHẬP CÁC HÃNG TÀU CONTAINER 29 August ,2017 Dưới đây là thống kê 10 thương vụ mua bán/sáp nhập của các Hãng tàu Container quốc tế.
NHỮNG ĐIỀU BẠN CẦN BIẾT KHI LÀM VIỆC VỚI NHÀ MÔI GIỚI DỊCH VỤ VẬN TẢI 28 August ,2017 Làm việc với các công ty môi giới vận chuyển hàng hóa là yếu tố vô cùng quan trọng đối với một doanh nghiệp có quy mô bất kỳ để giải quyết thành công...
April 2017: ZIM Upgrades Services on Pacific, Atlantic Routes 09 January ,2017 Israel’s shipping company Zim Integrated Shipping Services (ZIM) plans to enhance its services on Pacific and Atlantic routes, starting from April 2017.